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November 1, 2021
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December 3, 2021

Himalay Singh Rawat : “Originally Himalayan”

Hi, I am Himalay Singh Rawat from Rawat Sera village, located about 40 km from Chaukori. Our place is near the river Saryu, hence the name Sera and mostly people of the Rawat clan live in our village. My father is a retired businessman and my mother is a housewife. More about the “Originally Himalayan” title later. First let me share my life  journey so far.

I graduated from Himalayan Inter College in 2015 and completed my Bachelors degree in science with Physics, Maths and Information Technology as major subjects.

I also pursued a 2 year entrepreneurship program simultaneously. I have a diploma in basic computer skills and Talley which is a financial software. Currently I am studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed.) in Haldwani.

I love entrepreneurship because it is an exciting and dynamic profession and gives me an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. Combining that with my interest in teaching, ideally I would like to offer management and leadership skills for budding entrepreneurs and motivate freshers to take up business as a career. I believe it is the way forward to create employment opportunities and grow wealth in rural areas. So I keep researching what can be done that will improve the economic situation in the hills.

Presently I am also working part time in the marketing and sales division of a health and personal care products company. I have built a team called “International Mastermind” and trained over 150 marketing professionals in the Haldwani area. In 2021, I received the best anchoring and best leadership award from Pamosa, a direct selling company. 

Rural people usually look for employment in the public or private sector and once they get a job, settle for life.  My parents insist that I try to take up a government job and they discourage my plans to become an independent and self employed entrepreneur. I believe with the rapid rise of trade, business and digital economy in the interconnected world, the opportunities are enormous. One needs to be imaginative and skilled to make the best use of the resources to achieve one’s aspirations and goals. Personally I like to teach these new skills and create employment opportunities in rural areas.

Having come from a rural background and lived in urban areas, I would say there needs to be a mindset change in people living in the hill villages so that they can take advantage of the available opportunities and uplift themselves. They need to be more informed, innovative, risk taking and yes, more entrepreneurial. I know in the cities, we get the best opportunities for personal  growth and advancement in business careers. The rural areas are yet to catch up in this aspect.

I love to spend time in nature practising my photography skills and relaxing by listening to Garhwali and Kumaoni songs. I like the peaceful and simple life in the hills. I have been to many places in Kumaon & Garhwal and my travel photos can be found on my Instagram handle  ORIGINALLY HIMALAYAN . Through this channel I like to showcase interesting places and our culture to the viewers.

I really enjoyed my time as a hosteler while studying at HIC. Hostel life gave me discipline and good habits that are needed in adult life. One turning point in my life came at the end of my student days in HIC. In the farewell function, I am called on stage to say a few words. I was unprepared and not expecting this. I am dumbstruck on the stage and struggling for words. All eyes were on me. I could not utter a word and was embarrassed. That very day I decided to improve my public speaking skills and personality and worked hard there after. Now I train others in communication and presentation skills and help them grow in their career and life.

My advice to the current students : “Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Be willing to learn from these experiences.They are the best teachers in life. Dream big and do big”. You are welcome to contact me for career guidance and help.

Connect with me and join in my journey:

Instagram & Youtube:  ORIGINALLY HIMALAYAN 

Phone No.                   9690980596


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