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Birendra Basera: Braving the odds and Building a future

We are happy to feature Birendra Basera, an alumnus of Himalaya Inter College (HIC), Chaukori. He is a recipient of a scholarship from Himalayan Education Foundation. Let’s learn how Birendra is building his life and career since  he has graduated from HIC.

Hi, Birendra, welcome to Himalayan Vaani. Please tell us about your background.             

Birendra: Thank you very much. I am happy to share with you my life journey so far. My father is a retired army serviceman and my mother is a housewife. My native place is  Barsayat village near Thal in Pithoragarh District. I graduated from HIC in 2015. 

Tell us about your higher studies and subjects of interest.

Birendra: After my intermediate education, I studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Sociology from DAV PG College, Dehradun and finished my graduation in 2019. I am fascinated by Sociology, Geography and various areas of Computer Science. 

Any work/apprenticeship experience?

Birendra: From 2019 I worked part time in a domestic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm  at Dehradun to meet my  personal expenses. But I had to quit it in early 2020 due to the Covid crisis and I moved out of the capital town to my native place.

Yes, the pandemic has affected many lives adversely. How are you occupied now? 

Birendra: I have applied for government jobs and am preparing for the competitive exams. Simultaneously I am pursuing a course in Python, a coding language and computer management. Recently I joined a Cyber Security Certificate Program offered  by Uttarakhand Open University. 

At present I am staying in Barsayat, my native village and helping in carrying out agricultural activities on our family farm.

Very good. Let’s learn about your Leisure activities and hobbies.

Birendra: I mostly watch documentaries. I am interested in learning new skills, listening to music (Bollywood and traditional), and reading self improvement books. Bhagavadgita gives me huge inspiration. 

What are your observations on people’s life in the hills?

Birendra: Life is difficult for the hill people as they face hard existential challenges.

They have to cope with natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes and cloud bursts etc. And they have a high risk of life. 

Employment opportunities are few, people always have to migrate to urban areas for better jobs and facilities. 

The caste system and  discrimination are still active and lower castes have to face many challenges including lack of basic amenities, livelihood options and social development.   

Education, health care, electricity and good transport facilities as well as small scale industries are needed in rural areas for the betterment of people’s lives. 

I would like to contribute my bit in the areas when I can.

Tell us about your life at HIC. What are your favourite memories?

Birendra: We are the first batch of HIC students to graduate. Everybody obtained first rank in board examinations. 

I had been a hosteller for 12 years at HIC, Chaukori. Every moment of it is worth cherishing! Studying late nights, teamwork, looking for something special to eat in the hostel mess…and the “Bro-Code” ! That is everyone in the group is ready to take punishment, even if one does a mischievous thing!

Interesting! What is your advice to your juniors?

Birendra: School life is the time when you are free to explore and learn about the world and yourself. Make best use of it. You won’t get back that time and the sense of freedom again. So live well now so that you won’t regret later.                                                  

How to contact you?   

Birendra: Here are the ways to reach out to me: 

Email:                     rokviru@gmail.com 

Phone No.:             9557470730 

Twitter Handle         @ViruBasera

Whatsapp :              9557470730 

Thank you Birendra. We wish you success in your endeavours and a happy life.  


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