Our Approach is to support local people
to become leaders in their communities

We are a small, flexible, dynamic organization that focuses on making education relevant to the families of the mountain communities in the Uttrakhand State of the Himalayas. We support local people to become leaders in their communities and in their own lives.

Our approach is multi-faceted and responds to the communities in which we work. We work very closely with local leaders on the ground to develop and provide vocational educational opportunities for adults and scholarship support and curriculum development for village schools.  Our work strives to meet the unique needs of each mountain community where we serve.

  • We empower women and girls as the foundation of strong communities.
  • We provide support for learning in academics, technology, vocational training, and life skills.
  • We promote healthy nutrition in our communities.
  • We invest in the economic independence of local communities.
  • We develop long-term relationships with local leaders, learning from and partnering with them.