Jungli School

Fostering Curiosity, Creativity and Caring in the Natural World

The Jungli School is directed by Malika Virdi and the Maati’s Women’s Collective of Munsyari, a mountain community in the Himalayas.

Their energies have been directed towards making education relevant to the lives of children of mountain communities as well as making learning an empowering and enriching experience.

In the words of Malika Virdi, “Our emphasis is on inculcating a respect for and deepening an understanding of the natural history of the mountainscapes we inhabit. Using a ‘pedagogy of place’, our effort is to prepare outdoor and nature educators from among the students as well as young adults and the teacher community.”

Their primary focus has been the Jungli School wherein kids, who continue to attend formal school, have an added dimension of learning and doing. The welcoming, warm environment supports students in sharing life skills and building personal character.

In addition, Maati supports individual students and young adults with limited means to avail of a better educational experience.

The Himalayan Education Foundation collaborates with Malika Virdi and the Maati Women’s Collective by extending  support to the Jungli School through a donation of 5 used laptops.

They are providing furniture for the computer lab and astronomy room. HEF is also building a solar powered backup and inverter system so the students have access to relevant education programs on the internet throughout the day.