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July 11, 2024
ग्रीन आवर : प्रकृति से जुड़ने और पर्यावरण की देखभाल करने का समय
July 12, 2024

Bhawna Bhauryal : Serving the nation – A cadet’s calling

Bhawna Bhauryal hails from Reema, a quaint village in the Kumaon’s backcountry, located 25 km north of Chaukori, in the shadow of Nanda Devi massif in the greater Himalayan range. Agriculture and farming are the only sources of livelihood for the local population. A decade ago,, Bhawna’s family moved to Chaukori in search of better educational opportunities for the kids. With the help of a scholarship from Himalayan Education Foundation she studied at Himalayan Inter College and graduated in 2021. 

Fascinated by the landscape of the Himalayas, its mountains and rivers, valleys and forests, Bhawna took up Geography as her main subject in her Bachelor of Arts course. She is presently studying in Kumaon University at DSB campus, Nainital. She enjoys learning about the geographical diversity of India. From its northern snow peaks to the ocean islands in the south, from deserts in the west to tropical jungles in the North east, plateaus and hills in its central parts, India is an endless source of geographical wonder for her.  

As a student in Nainital, Bhawna joined the student wing of National Cadet Corps (NCC), as she is interested in pursuing a career in defence services after her graduation. She is presently in the 05UK Naval Unit based in Nainital. She is glad she joined NCC, as she has much to learn about fitness and discipline from her training. Explaining the importance of NCC, says, “NCC is considered the second line of defence. So the young cadets are  trained by the defence personnel to inculcate leadership qualities and physical capabilities in them.”  Joining the National Defence Academy is her much cherished dream.

Bhawna is the elder daughter in her family. She has a younger sister and a younger brother, both are in school at present. Her father is a private sector employee and her mother manages home affairs. Regarding her stint at Chaukori, she believes there can be no better place for schooling then in the hill areas where the natural world provides  serenity. As far as life in Nainital is concerned, she says, “Living in the city is more like finding yourself bit by bit everyday. Life in the city is all about improving yourself and working on yourself every single day. You get to meet new people, get a wide range of experiences and start experiencing real life.” 

Bhawna is currently in her third and final year of her Bachelors degree course. When she is not poring over the text books, she loves swimming and reading books. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho is one of her favourite books. She actively uses the internet to keep her abreast of world events and to prepare for future tests.

“Migration from the villages is one of the major problems in our hill areas. My village lacks quality schools. So kids and their families move to other areas for better educational facilities”, Bhawna laments. She feels this is one area the government has to address  in addition to creating opportunities for work, if the villages are to flourish again. 

Remembering her days at HIC, Bhawna says, “All the teachers I had and friends I made in HIC are the best part of my memory.” She advises the current students to utilise all the resources the school provides and improve their knowledge of the world and get some practical skills. “Do well in your studies and also take part in extracurricular activities. That certainly makes you a better individual”, she signs off.

We at Himalayan Education Foundation are proud of her achievement and wish her all the best in her career in the defence services.

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