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Vishal Pant : “Service to humanity gives me greatest satisfaction”  

Vishal Pant has just completed his 3- year Bachelor of Science degree from Government PG college, Berinag, which is affiliated to Sobhan Singh Jeena University, Almora. Botany, Zoology and Chemistry are the subjects he chose to study for his graduate degree. He completed intermediate from Himalayan Inter College (HIC), Chaukori in 2020. He received Himalayan Education Foundation scholarship while he was at HIC.

Originally from Kanda, a village 20 km away from Chaukori, Visha’s family moved to Berinag town in search of  better economic prospects. While his father is self-employed as an electrician and his mother looks after the household. His brother had a vocational degree from a Industrial Training Institute and at present is working in Dubai as a technician. 

Vishal would like to pursue higher studies.  He hopes to obtain a PhD in biology, his dream educational goal. As for the vocation he would like to serve in the Indian Army as a nursing assistant. 

Doing social work is one of Vishal’s deepest passions. For the last 3 years, he has been working part time with “Seemant”, a non-profit organisation operating in rural Kumaon. They conduct medical camps in the villages which are far removed from hospital facilities. They also inform citizens of their rights and bring the problems faced by the locals to the notice of the government and work with the authorities to solve those problems.  

Vishal loves to play volleyball in his leisure and feels it’s his way to be fit and healthy. “My Life” an autobiography by the late president of India, APJ Abdul Kalam is what inspires Vishal and motivates him  to live and think deeply. Arijit Sing, of the new generation of musicians is his favorite singer.

As a resident of Berinag, a small hill town, Vishal knows all too well about the problems faced by the hill communities. They lack economic opportunities to improve their standard of living. As per the question about what is needed to improve the lives of local people in his community, Vishal believes that education, access to medical facilities and good roads are essential. He would like to actively work with the people and bring these issues to the notice of the government by making the elected representatives accountable.

What Vishal admires about his alma mater, HIC, is the helpful and compassionate nature of his teachers. They are the ones he remembers most whenever he thinks about his HIC days. His “humble” advice to the current students, “Please make the best of the educationally rich and resourceful environment offered by the HImalayan Inter College. It’s rare to find such a place for learning in the hills. So work hard and don’t forget to have fun, which is never absent while you are at HIC. And serve the society well with what you have learnt.”

We wish Vishal a successful career and happy life and look forward to hearing about his achievements in the areas that are dear to his heart.

Contact Vishal Pant:

Email: vishalpant333@gmail.com

FB, instagram: vikki_pant_

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