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Usha Joshi : Aspiring to be a civil servant 

Graduated from Himalayan Inter College ( HIC) in 2020, Usha Joshi is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree from DSB college, Kumaon University, Nainital. A past recipient of Himalayan Education Foundation’s scholarship, Usha hails from Chaukori and is interested in joining government civil service.  Let’s talk to her and find more about her life and career.

Welcome to Himalayan Vaani, Usha. Can you please tell us about your family background?

My father is an Ex. Indian Army soldier. My mother is a homemaker and my brother is studying in a college.They are presently based in Chaukori. 

What career do you hope to pursue? And why?

Government civil service. It gives me an opportunity to serve the nation by directly interacting with the people. As I was a member of National Cadet Corps (NCC) while studying at HIC, I was inspired the great leaders of the Independence movement who strived to make our country great.

What are your subjects of interest?

Chemistry and Public Administration.

What higher studies/ skills would you like to acquire? 

Master of Science (M.Sc.) with a major in Chemistry. 

Where do you live now? 

Nainital town.

What did you like about living in the hill country for school? 

Peace of mind and beauty of nature.

Tell me what you like about living in the city?

Better access to education and the ambience that provides many avenues to explore and experience.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Reading, painting and sleeping!

What is your favorite book? And movies?

Movie: Shershah ( A love story with the backdrop of Kargil conflict.)

Books that give me inspiration and motivation: Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam and Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Do you listen to music? If so, who are your favorite musicians? 

Yes. I love listening to Jubin Nautiyal and Baba Hanshraj Raghuwanshi.

What are the challenges faced by the hill communities? 

There are many problems which the hill people face. They usually have to travel a long distance for basic amenities and facilities. As it’s a hilly terrain, transportation costs are high and goods are costlier compared to the plains.

What is needed in your village that would better the lives of people staying there? 

Hospital facility and Sports ground. 

How would you like to contribute to the betterment of your native place in the hills?

I would love to make efforts to keep the hills clean and green and preserve the natural beauty of Chaukori which is being destroyed by the increasing population and lack of awareness among people.

What is your favorite memory of HIC? 

HIC Is a temple of education in the middle of nature’s amazing beauty. Everyday I spent in HIC was a wonderful memory for me. Everything was awesome and fabulous. Thanks to my teachers and staff at HIC for their love and support.

What advice would you give the current HIC students?

Keep working hard and Good luck and make HIC proud of your achievements. 

Thank you Usha. Wish you all the best in your career pursuits and life as well.

Contact details:6399582085


Social media (FB, instagram):Usha joshi

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