A tale of two sisters and their mother
May 28, 2023
 “Rishikesh is very far.”
June 24, 2023

Sheetal Arya: Against all odds

Sheetal Arya is a 12th class student at Himalayan Inter College(HIC), Chaukori. She has been studying at HIC right from her 1st standard. Originally from Seraghat, a pitstop town on the way to Almora, her family moved to Chaukori for better education prospects. Her father, Trilok, is a truck driver who suffers from a muscular disease that makes him differently abled. Sheetal’s mother, Sarita, passed away a few months back due to cancer.

Sheetal has a sister and a brother, both are also studying at HIC. Himalayan Education Foundation(HEF) and HIC together provide scholarships to the girls so that they can continue pursuing their education in spite of difficulties. Let’s chat with Sheetal Arya to learn more about her life and aspirations.

Welcome to Himalayan Vaani, Sheetal. How are you doing and how is your family now?

Sheetal: Thank you. We are doing fine. We came to our native place, Seraghat, for a short summer vacation. It’s good to be back with childhood friends and relatives and enjoy a few days of school holidays.  

Regarding your academics , what are the subjects you chose to study for your Intermediate course?

Sheetal: I am interested in Physics. So I opted for the science stream that includes Chemistry and Math.

Any thoughts about what to study next and ideas about the career you would like to have in future?

Sheetal: I would like to pursue a bachelors degree in science (BSc.) at a good college and I would like to get into the Indian defence services, Air force, if I could choose.

Interesting! Please tell us how you got interested in that career.

Sheetal:I have been a member of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It’s the youth wing of Indian Armed forces, which tries to inculcate character, discipline, leadership and a sense of service to the nation among the cadets. I am inspired by these ideals and values and do my bit for the country. So I thought a career in the armed forces naturally suits my personality. 

How is your NCC training helping you?

Sheetal: It’s a great place to train yourself physically and mentally. I could meet and connect to different people from different places and work as a team with them. The training helps to develop your personality and teaches you to  live a disciplined life.

All right. What else do you do in your freetime?

Sheetal: I love playing Kho-Kho. I listen to music and Arjit Singh is my favourite singer. I like reading too. “The diary of Anne Frank” is an inspirational book. It’s moving to know Anne, as a Jew, wrote the book facing a great personal risk in the middle of war and the Nazi campaign to exterminate Jews.

How do you like the place where you live and study?

Chaukori is a calm and quiet place closer to nature for studies. I am lucky to be a part of the HIC family. The best thing for me at HIC is the teaching faculty. They are helpful and kind.I am what I am now because of them. 

What advice would you like to give to your juniors?

Focus on your dreams and work hard.

We wish you all the best, Sheetal. May your dreams come true and fly high and reach greater heights in life!

Contact Sheetal: 

Phone: 8938875425

Email: saritadevibhanoli@gmail.com

Instagram: shital3175

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