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June 24, 2023
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August 1, 2023

Neha Joshi : “Nursing is a noble vocation”

Neha Joshi is a native of Kameridevi village located at a distance of 10 km from Chaukori. Her father, a driver, is the sole breadwinner of the family. Her mother, due to frail health, can not move around much. So she takes care of the household. In spite of the family’s  financial hardships, Neha is determined to pursue higher studies. She received a scholarship from Himalayan Education Foundation while studying at Himalayan Inter College (HIC). Her brother is at present studying in the 12th class at the same high school and he too is a recipient of an HEF scholarship.

Neha studied Math, Physics and Chemistry as the main subjects during her intermediate education. After completing her studies from HIC, she wanted to become a medical professional, which has been a dream career since her childhood. Having finished her intermediate in 2020, she applied to various colleges to get admitted into a nursing course. Finally she was selected in Naincy college of Nursing at Jeolikote near Nainital. Presently Neha is pursuing a 4 year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in nursing.

Naincy college of Nursing, Jeolikote

She finds the course interesting and challenging. There is much to learn, both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which she enjoys a lot. Her studies keep her busy most of the time. For practical training, she goes to the big hospitals in Haldwani which is about 20 km from Jeolikote. That is where she attends and treats patients, learning valuable lessons. At present she is staying in a hostel in Jeolikote. 

While she is not immersed in her studies or hospital duties, Neha listens to music. Her favourite singer is Sonu Nigam. Reading books and photography have been her hobbies, though she does not find much time to pursue these interests at present. 

About her profession, Neha says,” Nursing is at the heart of medical care. I feel very fortunate that I can care for people in a health crisis. I want to look after them as if they are members of my family.” 

As a native of a remote village in the Himalayan mountains, she is acutely aware of the medical needs of the hill people. They lack good hospital facilities in Kameri Devi and the surrounding villages and have to travel hundreds of kilometres for diagnosis and treatment. Her dream is to work in a hospital nearer to her native place.  

Until a permanent medical clinic is established, Neha wants to conduct health camps in the mountain villages so that people have regular access to medical care. She firmly believes in the prevention of diseases through proactive medical treatment. But once fallen ill, people need to be taken care of and nursed back to good health. Though she feels the cities are full of opportunities and have facilities that improve the quality of life, she thinks of her native village as a piece of heaven on earth.

Remembering her school years at her alma mater in Chaukori, Neha says,” From the day I joined to the day I left the school, my whole stay at the HIC has been a happy and memorable period of my life. I advise my juniors at the school to work hard and learn much and wish they reach greater heights in life.”

We at Himalayan Education Foundation congratulate Neha on her excellent choice of career and wish her all the best in her professional and personal life.                                     

Contact Neha Joshi:

Phone: 9411317731

Email: nj6641217@gmail.com

Instagram: official naman 800

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