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May 25, 2021
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Kavita Karki: Generating hope and confidence

Hello! My name is Kavita Karki. I am a graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am from Premnagar village near Thal. My mother is a housewife and my father is a farmer and also the owner of a general store. I have an elder brother who is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I am married to Pankaj Singh Mahara, a sailor serving the Indian Navy. I presently live with my in-laws’ family in Udiyari, about 5 km from Chaukori. 

From my childhood I have been interested in studies. I received a scholarship from Himalayan Education Foundation (HEF) for five years (from 8th to 12th class). After I passed from Himalayan Inter College (HIC) in 2015, I got admission in Electrical Engineering department in Bipin Tripathi Kumaon Institute of Technology, Dwarahat. Since I got a good rank in the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), Foundation for Excellence(FEE), an education organization, awarded me a Laptop computer and rupees 40,000 per annum for my 4 year long degree program. With these generous grants, I never faced financial problems to pursue my education.

As an Electrical Engineering student, I am fascinated by all things related to Power systems. Generation and Distribution of power, Switchgear, Protective relays, Circuit breakers and Fault Analysis are some of my areas of professional interest. I would like to learn more and further knowledge in my vocation. Having completed my degree in 2019, I started preparing for competitive exams for a career in the Government or Private sector. And then my wedding to Pankaj happened in 2020. Here is my marriage photo!

Our hill communities back home face many challenges. Some related to the remoteness of the place. Some are to do with the attitude and mindset of the people. They underestimate the importance of formal education and the opportunities it offers. Due to hilly terrain and lack of transportation, students need to walk for long distances to attend school. Girls are not encouraged to study as much as boys. Girls are married at a quite young age. So this creates a break in their education. And most of them don’t continue later on  as they are faced with family responsibilities. I think in this modern age this discrimination against girls must be ended as they too have equal potential and aspirations to be fulfilled.

It is quite wonderful to have a school like HIC in a rural area providing quality education to students. Otherwise they would have to go to cities for such an opportunity. Cities, of course, offer better facilities and amenities- educational, medical, employment, etc. I think one must have exposure to life in a city and think what best can be learned from that experience. When I settle in my career and life, I would like to help my village students financially and motivate them to aim high and achieve something in life.

I love travelling and exploring places. I have been to Delhi, Mussorie, Hat Kalika, Pandu Kholi etc. Munsiari, the charming town, is one place I would like to visit again. In my leisure time, I read, listen to music and cook food. The Diary of Anne Frank and Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows are two of my all time favourite books. I like to listen to the music of AR Rehman, Asha Bhonsle and Shreya Ghosal. “3 Idiots” tops the list of movies I admire.  I am equally captivated by Hollywood horror movies like Insidious, Annabelle, Rings and Lights Out. 

My favourite memory of HIC is the occasion when I was awarded with a Tablet computer and 10,000 rupees as a cash prize, which I received from the then Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri. Harish Rawat. It was a proud moment for me and I felt great to be a student of such an inspiring institution.

My advice to the current students: “Use multiple sources in your studies. Get to know the subject from different perspectives for a holistic understanding. Don’t be bookish. Be practical. Explore the world and try to know more about it as it is limitless and unbounded.”

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