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August 24, 2016
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September 17, 2016

HIC students shine yet again in board exams!

Children in Indian education system face tough State or National Board exams in 10th and 12th grades. These exams determines the academic path of a student. Continuing the trend of the last two years, HIC students have again come through with strong results in 2016.

In Class 10, out of a total of 64 students, 60 students achieved 1st Division and 4 achieved 2nd Division.

In Class 12, out of a total of 49 students, 34 achieved 1st Division and 11 achieved 2nd Division.

Well done, kids!!


Note that in the Indian system, 1st Division refers to getting marks that are 60% and more,  2nd Division 50%-60% and 3rd Division 40%-50%.

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