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Chaukori Bird Festival 2024 : Collaboration for Conservation

As per the wildlife data, India is home to about 1303 bird species of which Uttarakhand houses 693. With more than 50 per cent of the country’s species seen here, it says a lot about its dynamic habitat. Five species of birds that are “Critically Endangered” according to the IUCN Red List are also found here. With increasing threats to their habitat due to deforestation, encroachment, forest fires, pollution and global climate change, the bird population is on a drastic decline. 

In the first week of April, 2024, Kaaphal Hill and Himalayan Shepherd, organizations working in Kumaon region, conducted a three-day Bird Festival in Chaukori, with support from Himalayan Education Foundation (HEF). The event, aimed at promoting environmental education and awareness among young students, witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 150 students representing 10 different schools.

During the three day program, the organisers facilitated engaging fieldwork activities and presentations to educate the students about the fascinating biodiversity of the Kumaon’s avian world. The students learned how to identify birds, had insights into their behaviour, threats to their habitat and the importance of bird conservation for the health of the ecology.

The festival served as a platform for fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature’s winged wonders among the young participants, empowering them to become enthusiasts for wildlife conservation and ecological awareness. Thanks to the efforts of Chandan, Himalayan Shepherd and Raj Mahara, Kaaphal Hill, and their teams, this event, first of its kind in Chaukori, is  appreciated by the local community. 

The collaboration between HEF,  Kaaphal Hill and Himalayan Shepherd emphasizes a shared commitment to promoting environmental awareness and nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious citizens through immersive educational initiatives. The Chaukori Bird Festival event is a step towards fostering a sustainable future for our natural world.

HEF partners with local organizations and actively supports events like the Chaukori bird festival to raise awareness about the importance of natural habitat conservation, especially among the younger generation. By fostering a sense of environmental stewardship, HEF aims to ensure the long-term protection of the rich biodiversity unique to the Himalayas. This bird festival is a great step towards a healthy future for our world!


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