October 19, 2020
Picking tea leaves at Naari Heritage Tea Garden, Chaukori.

Coping with Covid-19: Hope and Resilience in the hills.

While the world is reeling under Covid-19 pandemic, the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand too experienced devastating disruption to people’s daily lives. The unprecedented health crisis overwhelmed the urban […]
October 23, 2016
August 21, 2015-10 (2)

A glimpse of Himalayan Naari artisans at work

Hello! Yesterday evening we had our weekly Naari meeting, which are always the highlight of our week. After each meeting we walk away elated and energized […]
September 17, 2016

Learning vocational trades is core curriculum, not optional!

In 2014, we had held a summit in Delhi to reflect on whether what we do is making a difference or not; and in the areas where it […]
September 17, 2016

HIC students shine yet again in board exams!

Children in Indian education system face tough State or National Board exams in 10th and 12th grades. These exams determines the academic path of a student. Continuing the trend […]