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Anjali Karki : “Agriculture must be nature friendly”

Hi, My name is Anjali Karki. I am presently studying Intermediate second year at Himalayan Inter College ( HIC), Chaukori. My father runs a shop in Kot Manya village and my mother takes care of our house and farm activities. I have an older brother who is studying in college. We and our grandmother live in our own house in Lohathal village which is at a distance of about 6 km from Chaukori.

Lohathal – my village

Himalayan Inter College in Chaukori is really a god given gift to us. It’s the best place to study as it has well qualified and experienced teachers and the teaching style and learning environment is very good for studies. The quality of the care we receive from our teachers is wonderful. I am fortunate that I could be part of the HIC student community and my tuition fees are sponsored by Himalayan Education Foundation. Thanks to their vision and efforts, we could pursue our education at one of the best colleges in Uttarakhand. 

l, along with my friends from Lohathal, go to HIC, Chaukori everyday on the college bus. My favourite subjects are English and Biology. I want to know more about things related to human beings. So humanities and life sciences are fascinating subjects for me. I want to study MSC in my higher studies with a specialisation in agriculture. I am not sure where I will study next. At present, as our college is located in the hills, it’s very peaceful. Without any disturbances and urban pollution, we are able to study without any distractions. 

Though I don’t like living in cities, there are more  opportunities and facilities for self growth in those places. So, even if I continue my studies in a city, after I graduate from university, I would like to return to my village and work in the agricultural sector. I am interested in organic farming and its benefits for the people and soil. 

As for my leisure activities I watch movies and play sports. My hobbies include listening to music and dancing. I love the songs of Arijit Singh. My favourite book is “The Selection” written by Kiera Cass, and as for the movie, it’s “The Nun”.

There are many challenges faced by the hill people. Landslides and erosion are very common problems in the hills.During the construction of roads, a lot of cutting takes place which disturbs the natural condition. The unstable slopes result in slips, subsidence and landslides. Government must take these environmental issues into consideration when they undertake any developmental activity in the hImalayan hills. The main problem in our area is the poor condition of roads and lack of transportation facilities. It’s quite difficult to travel every day, especially for school children.

In my opinion, we should  first think about how to produce enough food for the increasing population and generate work opportunities for everyone. We must try to conserve every drop of rain water in the village. We need to increase the green cover by not cutting forests and planting more trees in the villages.                            

I’ve been studying in HIC since my nursery class and have many good friends and memories. It’s good to see my school growing day by day.  I would like to tell my juniors  that they should focus on their studies for their better future and enjoy their school life fully. Thank you. 

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