Financially, its all about giving.

Since its humble beginnings in 2009, HEF has continued to steadily attract more people who care about making a difference. This has allowed us to be the agent of change in the three mountain communities that we work in at an increasing rate.

By 2014, our income increased 1.5 times since 2010 to $33,500 and in the same time period, the amount of funds we spent on programs and expenses that directly help the communities has almost doubled since 2010 to $29,100.

Although we firmly believe that the difference that a non-profit should be assessed based on the difference it makes and not by its ‘overhead ratio’, we do take pride in keeping our own operational expenses down to less than 5% of total expenses. At this point, we are a fully voluntary organization with no salaried employees.

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2015 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report